Lotus Notes / Exchange Marketing Twitter Fight

Marketing Technologists/Evangelists are using Twitter effectively. But for Ed Brill of IBM and Brandon Hoff of Microsoft, it seems like a lot of their efforts cancel each other out, unless you add up the numbers. Brandon reports more migrations to Exchange, like Blockbuster's 10,000 user migration to Exchange Online. Brandon also mentions recently that Quest software has sold 200,000 user licenses for its Note to Exchange Migrator application during the first quarter of 2009.

Here are a couple of sample entries for the two:

Eb edbrill Just got word of a 1500 user migration from Microsoft Exchange to Notes/Domino. IBM better on TCO, upfront costs, platform support. #fb
Tue, May 19 12:54:30 from web

Bh brandonhoff Another big Notes shop switching to #Exchange. Win just landed in my inbox. Over 8k more users coming to Exchange! Outstanding!
Wed, May 20 14:21:18 from twhirl

William Lefkovics

William Lefkovics on May 20, 2009 at 03:51 PM in Interviews
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How many times can Microsoft claim that Blockbuster has migrated to Exchange? This must be the third time.

Posted by: Ed Brill at May 20, 2009 7:06:30 PM

Ed - Just to be clear. While I realize William mentioned blockbuster, he was just giving an example. This is not Blockbuster I'm talking about, it's another one.

Posted by: Brandon Hoff at May 20, 2009 9:48:06 PM

The Blockbuster Case Study:

Posted by: William Lefkovics at May 20, 2009 11:39:42 PM

Great post! Just came across this and wanted to chime in and say how relevant this is.

I can't believe the growth Twitter has been experiencing. It really encompasses just about everything.

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