Another Microsoft MVP Summit over

The MVP Summit is a highlight of the year for me.  This was my 6th summit, I think. The point in the product cycle for Exchange Server made this summit more valuable than most. I look forward to the next release, E14. One thing to take from the summit and that I can share with confidence is that Microsoft listens. They often are criticized for not doing so, but that is not justified. They listen. Oh, they may take what seems like forever to actually act on feedback, they do in fact listen. And I appreciate that.

The MVP Summits add faces, names, and handshakes to the big anonymous behemoth in Redmond at which we otherwise may toss expletives while emphatically shaking fists in the air. Those at Microsoft enlisted to organize the summits do a great job for the swag-o-philic MVPs that descend on Seattle every 12-18 months. And I appreciate that as well.

William Lefkovics

William Lefkovics on March 7, 2009 at 02:20 PM in Conferences, Training
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If Microsoft organizes an event, it surely will be a big hit. This one isn't an exemption to that. Thanks for sharing.

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