Entourage and missing items...ouch

Here's something that bit me recently.  I was moving mailboxes from one Exchange 2003 server to another.  After the mailbox move, one of the Entourage users reported that although he could initially see all his email after the move, his mailbox was now empty.  At the time, I had Exchange System Manager open and could see a 48MB mailbox for this user.  A quick refresh and boom!  A 96KB mailbox was now shown.

It turns out that this user was using a fairly old version of Entourage, namely 11.2.0.  A search revealed the reason why: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/909574.  Ouch!  Now, I don't do that much work with Entourage but now I've made a mental note to myself : check the version of Entourage before moving any mailboxes - we can't afford to have old dodgy versions out there.

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