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There is a new and presumably shortlived blog covering the Daylight Savings Time tools, their function, and implementation order at Technet.  It covers a lot of good questions and answers you and I may have.

William Lefkovics

William Lefkovics on February 25, 2007 at 10:03 AM in Useful Info
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I had three xp machines change no problem .The 2000 machine did not, i advanced the clock .I will have to reverse it 3 weeks later. I also work with a lot of time sensetive electronics.just as youve seen your dvd players and vcrs,microwaves didn,t change well that is firmware related .we are going to have hundreds of clients ,are going to have doors unlocking late and so fourth all firmware related no patches just human entervention manualy setting the clocks foward.Thanks congress!

Posted by: james harris at Mar 11, 2007 12:41:24 AM

DST Tool does not work / use this work around

After spending hours on the phone on hold with MS tech support, I got put though to a tech. Turns out that the version of MSEXTMZ.exe that I was using does not work for everyone. Here are the key things that you need to know to run the DST update tool successful:

1. The Msextmz.exe version 2 ( yes there is a version 2 because version 1 did not work for all Exchange 2003 configurations) does not require the LegacyExchangeDN. It only requires the server name. For example if your server name is XXX, then that’s what you put there. There is no need to use LDP.EXE or ADSIEdit.
Change the path to the root of C drive. Create a folder called MSEXTMZ. Do not accept the default of installing to the Program files folder.

2. There is also an update the TZMove.exe. It is important to download the latest one you can find. The updated one is .97MB in size. Once installed, it will produce a 303 MB file in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Office Outlook Time Zone Data Update Tool.

Copy the 2 files that were created in the folder above (TZMove.exe that is 303MB and the TZMover.DLL) into the MSEXTMZ folder created on the C drive.

Once they are all in the same directory, only then can u run MSEXTMZ and TZMove.exe successful. Follow the instructions from the MS Exchange Team website for the rest, but at least the information above should help anyone struggling.

Author: Temi OluAjayi

Posted by: Temi O at Mar 12, 2007 8:27:56 AM

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