Exchange Tools Update

Yesterday Microsoft released several updates to important tools for Exchange:

First, the PFDAVAdmin tool has been updated to version 2.4 and finally been made a supported tool, which it wasn't before.  You can get the latest version here.

Also, you can download the latest version sof the Exchange Server Analyzer tools.  These include the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool (ExBPA) v2.5, the Exchange Server Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer Tool v1.0 and the Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Analyzer Tool v1.0.

For those of you running Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), note that the Exchange Server Management Pack and Exchange Server Management Pack Configuration Wizard were also updated on the download site.  I'm not clear on what changes were made yet so I'm off to have a look.

Update 7th November 2005:

Scott Schnoll of Microsoft has kindly provided some information on the changes within the Exchange 2003 Management Pack.  Scott writes:

"The following list of rules highlights some of the changes that were added in this update to the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack for MOM 2005.  Some of the rules added in this release of Exchange Server Management Pack relate to features added in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2). For information about Exchange Server 2003 SP2 features, see What's New in Exchange Server 2003.

Note: Exchange 2000 Server Management Pack has not been updated

Rules have been added to provide enhanced monitoring in the following areas:

Exchange database size limits

Exchange ActiveSync configuration settings

Exchange ActiveSync Up-to-Date Notifications performance

Exchange ActiveSync errors

Monitor intelligent message filtering performance

Intelligent message filtering for errors

Sender ID configuration errors

Sender ID errors

Disk read/write performance

DSAccess settings

Public folder replication"

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The news is out and spreading among Exchange Administrators as our admin tasks are going to be much easier with the new tools Microsoft released after Exchange Best Practice Analyzer (ExBPA). The two new free utilities including the Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Analyzer (ExDRA) and the Exchange Server Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer (ExPTA) available for us to use now.These tools really compliment each other for admin tasks..

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