Miccrosoft IT Forum Day One

I’m over at the Microsoft IT Forum in Copenhagen again… it seems even busier than last year.

Today’s summary (including many non-Exchange bits that may still be of interest)…

Bill Gates made a number of announcements during his keynote this morning...

64-bit computing is coming next year. There will be no price premium to pay for 64-bit as a result of the efforts of Intel and AMD. The 64-bit version of Windows is in the latter testing stages.

Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 product and Virtual Server 2005 software are now available worldwide.

The public beta of the eagerly awaited SUS replacement, Windows Update Services (WUS) is available from today.

SMS 2003 has been a tremendous success, having been adopted by 16000 Enterprise customers, covering some 10 million devices.  Two SMS feature packs were announced,

Operating System Deployment Feature Pack
Adds support for SMS to create and deploy images of Windows operating systems

Device Management Feature Pack
Use this feature pack to enable SMS 2003 to manage devices running Windows CE 4.2 or Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC.

2005 is going to be an important year, with a number of new products/updates scheduled to be launched. 2006 is perhaps going to be even more important with Longhorn coming along.

A .NET based smartcard was launched in association with Axalto. Microsoft are to use then internally, with the same card providing both premises and IT access.

Microsoft’s relationship with Dell is growing ever stronger with a development agreement announced to streamline updates and patch management. Dell’s OpenManage is to be integrated into SMS to provide a unified hardware/software patch management solution.

System Center reporting was demonstrated… the demo highlighted that performance reports can be produced which can show the performance before and after configuration changes. This should of course reduce troubleshooting time. Capacity planning would also be assisted with this tool, with performance reports published alongside actual server configurations.

A capacity planning application named Indy was also demonstrated. Not only can this application suggest a graphical topology but it can also run simulations against it.

One of the questions for Bill at the end of the keynote was about kids and their interaction with computers. Rather amusingly, he mentioned that he is reducing the amount of PC time that his children are allowed, following a recent incident when he was woken by his over excited youngsters who were sure that they had won a lot of money…. On checking their PC it was in fact just a pop-up that had appeared on the screen!

And from the Exchange session attended today…

Kim Akers – Senior Director, Exchange Marketing

Empowering Customers in a Changing World

Apparently one third of messaging admins would rather get divorced than have e-mail go down!

80% of organisations believe that e-mail is more important than the phone.

Estimated 80% of an enterprise’s information sits on individual’s computers.

Even today, some 40% of Exchange seats are still on 5.5.

Microsoft deals with 9.5 million items of spam each day. They are only using IMF and Exchange’s other filtering capabilities i.e. no third party products are being used. IMF is saving them $300,000.

IMF performance/statistics can be reviewed via the performance monitor counters. An IMF update should be along in the next couple of months. IMF can’t be installed on a cluster (although it will work with mailboxes that are homed on a cluster), nor does it work with Exchange 2000. However, in both cases it is possible to implement an Exchange 2003 server on the gateway to run it the IMF.

The recent ActiveSync licensing deal with PalmOne is likely to be the first of many. There is a desire for ActiveSync to be adopted and used on both Microsoft powered Smartphones and also non-Microsoft powered devices. Look out RIM.

The Exchange Best Practices Analyser has been a great success with over 85000 downloads since September 21st. Tremendous feedback has been received. The application checks 1200 settings against 800 rules.

Couldn’t talk about the specific roadmap for the future for Exchange. When asked about Yukon, the answer was that, when a new feature is required, they first see if it can be provided using the existing Jet database.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Orange 3G Mobile Office card works quite handsomely here in Copenhagen and has enabled me to be connected in the hotel room (shame the three wireless networks nearby won't allow me to connect!).  Once a connection has been established (it seems to take an age for the card to discover the network) it works well, even if it is just GPRS speed. I’m sure I’ll probably receive a wallet emptying bill in a couple of weeks, oh, what the ‘eck!

Chris Meirick on November 16, 2004 at 01:44 PM in News
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What a joke of a product. They setup a "Workgroup" Edition, and then require installation on a DC. This is a security NIGHTMARE. And why did MS, in its infinite wisdom, choose to make both a DC AND the Mgmt Instance on the same machine? Answer = the development team could not code against a member server and couldn't create the functionality. So, instead, they require MOM to run on a DC AND run your DB. Then they don't have to do their jobs, and you can lose yours trying to keep your network secure.


Posted by: G Hughes at Dec 14, 2004 1:01:42 PM

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Posted by: MSKiLLeR at Jul 1, 2005 12:24:11 PM