You Perform 1.1

You Software have released You Perform 1.1... "an upgrade to the collection of integrated value-add software tools that help Microsoft Outlook users cut through e-mail overload and make working with Microsoft Outlook better, faster and easier."

Efficiently Manage E-Mail Volume
• Eliminate Duplicates. You Perform scours your e-mail, contact and calendar folders and automatically gets rid of duplicate messages, contacts and events.
• Save Attachments. Save space in your inbox and never lose an attachment again. You Perform automatically removes attachments from your e-mail and saves them to the folders of your choice.
• Attachment Forget-Me-Not. Never forget to send an attachment again. You Perform automatically watches for keywords in your outgoing e-mail and reminds you when it looks like you’ve forgotten to attach a file.
• Reply To All Monitor. Never reply to all again — unless you want to. Stop Outlook from sending replies to the wrong people and from sending replies back to your own inbox.

Streamline Communication and Contact Management
• Schedule Recurring Email. Stop typing recurring e-mails. Now you can send them automatically. Schedule and send e-mails automatically with updated attachments to go out at intervals you define.
• Hide Fax Numbers. Stop weeding through fax numbers when you need e-mail addresses. You Perform keeps fax numbers from appearing when you’re composing messages.
• Auto CC/BCC. Automatically send a CC or BCC every time you e-mail. Keep managers, assistants, team members and customers in the loop. Easily create a record of important e-mails and documents.
• Quick Text Hotkeys. Assign your favorite subject lines, signatures, and phrases of any kind to hot keys, and then insert them with a single key, instead of typing them over and over again.
• Add Email Address. Instantly turn e-mail addresses into contacts. You Perform automatically scans your e-mail and adds addresses to your contact list so they’re there when you need them.
• Auto Print. Instantly print e-mails and/or attachments as soon as they hit your inbox.
• Print On Demand. Print e-mails and attachments with just one click.
• Insert Date & Time. Automatically time-stamp your e-mail with one click or a hotkey so your recipients know your replies are prompt, even when their e-mail servers aren’t.
• VCard Converter. No more one-at-a-time. Convert as many contacts as you like into vCard format with a single click.

Easy Remote Calendar Management
• Add Appointments by Email. Add new appointments to Outlook from your mobile phone, PDA or anywhere you have access to e-mail simply by sending a message “home” with any e-mail connection.
• Forward Reminders. Never miss an appointment again. You Perform e-mails reminders directly to you, wherever you are.

Chris Meirick on October 19, 2004 at 12:52 PM in News
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I wanted to know if anyone who participates on this blog can offer a solution for pre-setting the time and date when an email will be sent via outlook using exchange server.

Please respond to

Many thanks,

Posted by: Steve at Sep 7, 2006 12:33:35 PM

Hi, besides the Always BCC add-in that we can use for auto-bcc all incoming and outgoing email to a destinated account, is there any other way to do it on server level?Rather than on every users' outlook?

any answer to this is very much appreciated.

Please email to me


Posted by: Eva at Jan 9, 2007 11:24:31 PM