Getting A List of Mailbox Sizes

Isn't it amazing in a product like Exchange how some things remain hidden away from people for ages? I responded today to someone on one of the Exchange mailing lists about how you can get a list of Exchange mailboxes and sizes.

Many people remember the File / Save Window Contents feature of the Exchange 5.5 Administrator program, which generated such a file. To do the same thing in Exchange 200x, you can right-click the Mailboxes object in Exchange System Manager and then choose Export List.

No matter how long I've spent with the Exchange product, I still find myself saying 'I never knew that' to things that must seem trivial to other people. I figure that every time something like this happens, when I either learn something new or show someone else something I take for granted, I should blog it for all.

Account Deleted on March 10, 2004 at 12:58 PM in Useful Info
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The feature you're describing is actually a feature of the MMC, not Exchange. Exchange System Manager is hosted in the MMC, so this feature is exposed to it. And because it is an MMC feature, you'll find it handy for other snap-ins, as well, such as ADUC, IIS, etc.

Posted by: Scott Schnoll at Mar 10, 2004 4:36:56 PM

Wow, I can stop debugging this pesky script which queries the Mailbox Store for mailbox size. Another great find, cheers guys.

Incidentally, I was shown how to log off the console session from Computer Management by a US colleague a couple of weeks ago. Expand Computer Management folder, right click on it, connect to another computer, after connecting, right click on Computer Management, choose Properties, move to the Advanced tab, click the Startup and Recovery button, click Shut Down and take your pick from Log off Current User/Shut down/Restart/Power down. Pretty neat IMHO!

Posted by: Miles Atkinson at Mar 11, 2004 12:55:36 AM

Only thing though is that if you need to do this often for reporting purposes and you have 5 exchange servers with 16 mailstores each, it's quite a hassle.

Posted by: Arild Bakken at Jul 5, 2004 6:57:27 AM

For reporting purposes its pretty easy to extract mailbox information for any number of databases automatically using WMI. This is only for Exchange 2003 however. For Exchange 2000 Extended MAPI can extract the same information which is a lot more hassle. I've got links and samples for doing this so if anyone wants them.

Posted by: Dave Brannan at Jul 6, 2004 2:39:07 PM

I found this post while looking for information on the
"size", "total items" and "last logged on by" of
mailboxes reported by Exchange System Manager. Running
one store in Exchange 2000 on a W2K server the information presented is wrong. In one case it reports 22,629 items
for a user. When I opened the user's account in Outlook
there are less than 100 items. I also found 15 users with
the same number of items and the same size. Not likely.
Does anyone have any insight into this erroneous data?

Posted by: Dave at Aug 20, 2004 11:53:28 AM