Server Types & Versions

It has always been easy to indentify the service pack and build numbers of Exchange servers by examining the 'Servers' view in Exchange System Manager.

The Exchange System Manager supplied with Exchange 2003 now includes two more useful columns in this view:

Type - this column will show Basic, Front-end or Clustered.
Edition - this column will show Standard, Standard/Evaluation, Enterprise or Enterprise/Evaluation.

A sample screen shot is shown below. Here you'll see an Exchange 2003 server running the evaluation edition of Exchange 2003 Enterprise coexisting with an Exchange 5.5 server. It's worthwhile to note that Exchange 5.5 servers will always show as Standard even if they are running the Enterprise version of Exchange 5.5. The good news is that the columns are correctly filled in for Exchange 2000 servers.

Server Versions Columns

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