OWA 2003 & Attachments

Here's a handy tip if you use Exchange 2003's Outlook Web Access (OWA) feature and send a lot of messages containing attachments.

When composing a message in OWA and you need to send an attachment, you'd normally click the Attachments button or use the paper clip toolbar button. In either case, you are presented with the dialog window below that allows you to browse to the file and attach it.

Default attachment window

If you prefer to attach files directly and avoid going through this dialog window, then you need to download and install the S/MIME control from within OWA. To do this, click the Options button whilst in OWA. On the Options screen, you'll see an option to download the email security S/MIME control, as shown below:

Control download

Click the download button to install the control. You'll be presented with the security warning screen shown below. Obviously click Yes if you wish to install the control.

Security warning

Once you've installed the control, the Options screen should now reflect this fact:

Control installed

Now when you compose a new message in OWA and click the paper clip toolbar button, you'll get the following familiar screen:

New attachment window

That's much better!

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Thats great - Thanks

Why on earth dont they just make it the default?

Posted by: Adam Field at Dec 6, 2003 6:59:46 AM


Great tip. Know a way to still use SendTo with OWA?

Posted by: Darryl Pateman at Dec 9, 2003 7:46:31 AM

Great Information. I have a problem where we are using Exchange 2003 and OWA and some of our attachments are not showing up. Some do. This is a system being upgraded from exchange 5.5 and nt 4. Any ideas.

Thanks in advance

Posted by: Dale at Jan 9, 2004 8:50:55 AM

Possibly OWA attachment blocking? See William's KB article:


Posted by: Neil Hobson at Jan 9, 2004 8:57:43 AM


Know a way to use SendTo with OWA

Posted by: BM at Jan 14, 2004 5:20:09 AM

The reason it's not the default is that it requires downloading the MIME control... which would only work with IE6+ on Win2k+, and may not be permitted on locked down workstations, and requires user intervention, etc. :-)

Posted by: KC Lemson at Feb 5, 2004 9:16:45 AM

Any way to make Outlook2003 talk to an OWA server?

Posted by: Christian at Mar 19, 2004 8:45:47 AM

I've used Outlook VBA to update and retrieve Exchange data in my VB applications. However, I sense that VBA is being replaced by .NET technology, and perhaps someday even Windows OS replaced with .NET OS.

So... what is the best (most future-safe) way to retrieve/update Exchange data programmatically?

(To complicate things, I noticed that OWA and WebDav seem to be presented with caveats by MS re their applicability in the future.)

Posted by: eh at Apr 7, 2004 11:41:21 AM

I have set up an Exchange 2003 server on Windows 2003 server and when i try to access OWA, I am able to login but then the page does not load correctly. It shows the Inbox, Sent items , etc but the graphics don't load and no mail loads, I just get boxes with x's in them. Anyone have an answer? MS Forums does not.


Posted by: Deanna at May 4, 2004 8:31:44 AM

Doew anyone know where I can download the S/MIME control to install on a machine without attaching to exchange 2003?

Posted by: Alan at May 19, 2004 9:18:22 AM

I ran into the same problem. for some reason,IIS blocks access to ExchWeb to only the local machine IP. Granting access to the selected IP or grant all access fixes it.

Go into IIS Manager, Web Sites, Default Web Site, Right click on ExchWeb and choose properties, Choose the Directory Security tab and click on Edit IP address and domain name restrictions

Posted by: Lummy at Jun 7, 2004 6:08:55 PM

Just installed a clean exchange server (two of them) at seperate locations. When I go to download the s/mime control, it says unable to download, as if it doesn't exist... however, i see it in
C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\exchweb\6.5.7232.34\cabs
it also exists in the following folders are well...
c:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\exchweb\6.5.6944.0\cabs
c:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\exchweb\6.5.7226.0\cabs
IIS is configured at ssl...

any ideas? Thanks,
- Gabe

Posted by: Gabe at Dec 1, 2004 2:42:48 PM

I downloaded the control, and now all my outgoing (not incoming) e-mail looks like javascript! Any idea how to correct it? Thanks!

Posted by: Joe at Dec 3, 2004 10:36:44 AM