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"As part of a comprehensive effort to enhance e-mail protection, security, hygiene and productivity, Microsoft will soon offer new server-side anti-spam functionality powered by SmartScreen Technology to Exchange Server 2003 customers. The Exchange Intelligent Message Filter performs heuristics-based analysis of e-mail to determine whether any message is junk e-mail. The filter is intelligent and adapts over time, making it possible to constantly improve its ability to catch unwanted messages and prevent false positives. Having the Intelligent Message Filter deployed on the server can help prevent much unwanted e-mail from ever getting to a user's inbox. Because the Intelligent Message Filter requires Exchange 2003, it provides a common Exchange administrative experience using Exchange Server Management tools. The Exchange Intelligent Message Filter will be available in the first half of 2004 to Microsoft customers that have licensed Exchange 2003 with Software Assurance."

Read the full press release here… and the Microsoft product page here. There's also some more info over at The Register

Update - David Lemson, Exchange Product Manager at Microsoft has been testing an early pre-release version of the Intelligent Message Filter on his own server and has been achieving some impressive results, with a mere "0.9% of spam getting through the filter." David has also highlighted some important IMF features... "it works either together with Outlook 2003 or just alone on the server"... "it also works together with third party antispam solutions that you might put on the Exchange server"... and... "it works for OWA users as well"... read his full post

Chris Meirick on November 17, 2003 at 07:50 AM in News
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