Migrating to Exchange?

Are you about to embark on a migration to Exchange? If so, you may know that Microsoft provide standard tools that can migrate from a variety of messaging systems, such as connectors that provide messaging and calendar connectivity and also the migration wizard, which can extract data from the target system and import it into Exchange.

You may also want to check out a series of Migration Tools & Resources CDs that Microsoft provide. These CDs provide case studies, market bulletins, presentations, white papers and other tools that may not be available elsewhere. For example, the last time I performed a migration from Lotus Notes, I used the extremely valuable NABImport tool available on the Exchange Migration Tools and Resources for Lotus CD. This tool allows for the migration of personal contacts from Notes to the Outlook Contacts folder.

Be sure to check these CDs out if you are due to perform a migration.

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I'm trying to find this tool (NABIMPORT) and have been unsuccessful. The link provided does not work. Please help. Need this for a project coming up soon.

Posted by: RanWin1 at Jul 13, 2004 7:10:23 PM

Where can I find the Exchange Migration Tools and Resources for Lotus CD - specifically the NABimport tool??

Posted by: Robert J. Morgart at Sep 21, 2004 10:58:26 AM