I'm at the MSFT IT Forum!

Hey.. I’m at the Microsoft IT Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark… it’s been very enjoyable thus far… two immediate thoughts spring to mind… a) it’s chilly here in Copenhagen (why didn't I bring my woolly hat!?) (update... I've got one in my free Forum backpack!.. :-)...)and b) this is one ‘slick’ event! I’ve never been to a Microsoft event before, and would say that it’s impressively run, and full of enthusiastic geeks, so I’m in good company! My only *gripe* thus far, is that you have to stand while using their public terminal PCs!

I attended the keynote presentation this morning, which was a well put together marketing session (which also included the worldwide launch of SMS2003) during which there was much talk about ‘integrated innovation,’ security (a major MSFT focus at the moment) and also an Exchange Server 2003 slot, details of which were presented and pushed heavily by Kevin McCuistion, Director of Exchange Server marketing, He explained the many benefits that Exchange 2003 can provide, and stressed the need to move forward if 5.5 is still being used. There was even a ‘raise your hands if you’re still using 5.5’ *shaming*…

Some other snippets of information from the keynote… they’re not all about Exchange, but still worth sharing…

SMS and MOM are being merged with the release of Systems Center which is due for release next year

MSFT are spending 6.8 billion dollars on R&D this year.

MSFT have a significant presence in Denmark.. there’s a large R&D campus with around 500 developers around 25kms from Copenhagen.

SMS2003 has some really nice new features… it really does look like a great new product…I think they’ve learnt from, and built upon their experiences with the earlier releases… if you are serious about patch management, and also want to rollout apps to large numbers of desktops quickly, cheaply and painlessly then you’ll want to check it out. I’ve already mentioned ‘integration’ and SMS2003 plays its part here too…. It will not only integrate with SUS 2.0 which is due next year, but also ties into Dell’s patch management infrastructure to enable the rollout of patches for Dell Poweredge servers, including BIOS and firmware updates.

MSFT are well aware of the issue and hassles of the patching process and are aiming to improve the patching experience by ‘reducing complexity, reducing risk, reducing the size of the patches, and reducing downtime and the need to reboot.’

Kevin McCuistion confirmed that there are currently 121 million Exchange users. Exchange 2003 has got off to a great start with around 360,000 seats having been deployed with 200+ customers.

Consolidation is a major selling point with Exchange 2003… it is hoped that site/server consolidation will be possible in a number of cases, and MSFT are leading by example by relocating all of the Exchange servers at their European sites to their Dublin data centre.

Cheesiest statement so far... Kirill Tatarinov, corporate vice president of the Enterprise Management Division on Office System 2003 and Exchange Server 2003…”I’ve been using them for eight months now, and I can feel my productivity increase every day”

There were a number of demonstrations during the keynote, and the two highlights were undoubtedly, the integration with BizTalk and MOM, which highlighted the ability to combine ‘business problems’ and ‘IT problems,’ and secondly the presentation from a chap called Steve… I didn’t catch his surname… who should be signed up by Hollywood… there were definite similarities to Jim Carey there… by jolly, he was one ‘slick’ presenter.

Ok… I’m off for my afternoon labs… Configuring Exchange Server 2003 Anti-Spam Features and SMTP Security and Remote/Mobile Exchange via Outlook 2003 and Outlook Web Access.

Chris Meirick on November 11, 2003 at 05:14 AM in News
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Chris, having attended MEC for several years (R.I.P. MEC), CommNet never had chairs (well, they did years ago). I heard the reason was to keep you from hanging onto the PC for too long, lest you keep others from having shot. The handicapped spots (2 or 3 of them) would be used by non-handicapped individuals and they would be promptly booted by the Men In Black.


Posted by: Scott Bueffel at Nov 11, 2003 7:50:29 AM