Additional Outlook 2003 Monitoring Information

In Exchange 2000, there has always been the ability to add extra columns of information into the Logons object of a mailbox or public store in Exchange System Manager. There are many columns available, such as Open Attachments, Open Messages, etc. The method for adding these columns is to simply right-click the Logons object, and choose View / Choose Columns, as shown below.

Logons object

With Exchange 2003, several new columns are available for client monitoring purposes that will only be populated by the new Outlook 2003 client. They are:

1. Adapter Speed - NIC speed of the client in Kbits/sec

2. Client IP Address - Self explanatory

3. Client Mode - Unknown (0), Online (1) or Cached (2)

4. Client Name - FQDN of the connecting workstation

5. Latency - Round-trip RPC (ms) latency between the client and server

6. MAC Address - Hardware address of the client

7. RPC Calls Succeeded - Self explanatory

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I don't see any of these additional display options. Is there something that needs to be turned on first?

Posted by: Ruth Parish at Apr 20, 2004 2:08:48 PM

Are you definitely looking on an Exchange 2003 server and not an Exchange 2000 server?

Posted by: Neil Hobson at Apr 20, 2004 2:08:54 PM