Microsoft's new IM Server

"Microsoft Readies Messaging Server - Development ends on Office Live Communications Server, shipping in weeks." (

With instant messaging functionality not having been included within Exchange 2003 as it was with Exchange 2000, the Live Communications Server 2003 is Microsoft's new instant messaging server offering.

Chris Meirick on August 27, 2003 at 10:14 AM in News
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Does anyone know where I can locate a blog or group for Live Communications Server discussion? I am attempting to allow our external clients and customers access to our Live Communications server thru our firewall. I am able to see the packets passing thru port 5061 successfully, but the clients are not able to connect via Windows Messenger. Any suggestions??

Posted by: David Fike at Feb 25, 2004 10:46:07 AM

Are the clients using Windows Messenger v5.0? Is there a firewall at the client side? Have you seen this KB?;en-us;834469

I've not come across an LCS newsgroup or blog, has anyone else? Hey... perhaps you could start one :-)

Posted by: Chris Meirick at Feb 25, 2004 3:05:54 PM