MOM OWA Synthetic Logon Error

I've recently been doing some MOM 2005 work which included the need to configure OWA and ActiveSync synthetic logons to take place.  One error popped up that I hadn't seen for a while, and it threw me for a bit.  The error is this:

OWA Logon failed.
URL: undefined
Cannot measure OWA availability. Unexpected error.
No Exchange virtual servers and virtual directory (SSL enabled) can be found on this server to form a valid url. Try providing the url in the custom urls registry key (see Configuration guide for detail)

This event was generated by the script: "Exchange 2003 - OWA logon verification"

What puzzled me for a while was that the front-end server definitely did have SSL enabled.  In actual fact, this error can be caused when the MOM test mailbox that the agent is trying to communicate with has a primary SMTP address domain that is different to the SMTP domain configured within the default recipient policy.

In my case, the default recipient policy SMTP domain was set to, whilst the MOM test mailbox had a primary SMTP address of  Modifying the MOM test mailbox's primary SMTP address to match the default recipient policy SMTP domain did the trick.

Hopefully this may help someone, somewhere.

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