ExBPA 2.5 Changes

Here's some information from Paul Bowden, the Program Manager for the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer, on the differences between ExBPA v2.1a and v2.5:

"As for the differences between ExBPA v2.1a and v2.5, the release is mainly about some underlying engine fixes and getting all languages back in sync.  As you probably know, we released ExBPA v2.0 in nine languages, but the v2.1 update was only for U.S. English. So, v2.5 is back at nine languages.  Because there's a visual freeze process that we go through for localization hand-off, the Config XML file in the MSI is at the level of the hand-off date.  Within the non-U.S. English MSI's you should find that all text strings display in the local language. However, when you start the tool it will detect updates from the web, and give you the option to download them.  The only caveat is that any updates downloaded may display English strings, so you'll see a mix of content.

The final Config XML for v2.1 was and v2.5 has that same level if you choose to receive updates from the web.

The user interface enhancements made between v2.1a and v2.5 are as follows:

- Select/Unselect All link in scan options
- Ability to rename existing scans in the scan list
- In the tree view reports (e.g. Detailed View) all rules are hyperlinked to the corresponding content

There's nothing earth shattering here, but there are some fairly fundamental changes in the engine that we wanted to get out there.  First of all, it's more efficient and should yield better performance.  Secondly, the engine now supports a type/reference structure which means that we can load multiple Config XML fragments.  We'll be taking advantage of this soon."

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