Do You Have SLAs For Exchange?

If you use MOM 2005 to monitor and manage Exchange, note that Chris Harris, PM for the Exchange Management Pack at Microsoft, is after your input to make it easier for you to report on service/server availability and to measure SLA compliance.  You can respond to Chris via the public newsgroups here - under the thread titled Do you have SLAs for Exchange?

Chris says:

I'm the PM that owns the Exchange Management Pack at Microsoft. I'm working on the reports for our next major release and I need your help.

I want to make it easier for you to report on service/server availability and to measure your compliance with Service Level Agreements.

Please tell me how your orgainization measures availability or defines Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Exchange. Or, perhaps more importantly, how you would like to measure or define them.

* Outlook clients must be able to successfully connect to the server 99.5% of the time during normal business hours.
* The Exchange databases must be mounted 99.9% of the time

Please provide the following:
1. Current SLA and availability definitions
2. How do you measure it today?
3. Preferred SLA and availability definitions
4. How would you like to measure it?

To make it worth your effort, I've got a number of different software packages sitting in my office, and for the best idea I'll let you take your pick.

Chris Harris

Account Deleted on June 3, 2005 at 12:15 AM in News
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