Lots of Goodies...

It's a big day for Exchange releases... not only has SP1 and the IMF been released, but there's also a number of other new or updated tools, utilities and downloads...

Exchange 2003: Badmail Deletion and Archiving
Automatic deletion or archiving of files in the badmail directory of SMTP virtual servers

Exchange 2003: Load Simulator 2003 (LoadSim)
Simulate the performance load of MAPI clients with this benchmarking tool, which allows you to test how a server running Exchange 2003 responds to e-mail loads.

Exchange 2003: Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager
Get specialized monitoring for Exchange 2003. This Management Pack includes a health check for a server running Exchange 2003 and raises an alert for states that require intervention.

Exchange 2003: Outlook Web Access Web Administration
Outlook Web Access web-based administration tool

Exchange 2003: Mailbox Merge Wizard (ExMerge)
Extract data from mailboxes on one server running Exchange and then merge that data into mailboxes on another server running Exchange with the help of this tool.

Exchange 2003: Email Journaling Advanced Configuration
Augments the current Exchange archiving features to capture recipients on expanded distribution lists, Bcc recipients, and other message details

Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Online Help
The online Help for Exchange Server 2003 has been updated for SP1. This update includes additional topics that were not included on the product CD

Preview: Configuring Offline Address Books
Working with the Exchange Server 2003 Store is an upcoming addition to the Exchange Server 2003 Technical Documentation Library. In the "Configuring Offline Address Books" chapter, you can learn how Exchange generates offline address books and how to configure servers to provide support for

Exchange 2003: LegacyDN Utility
The Legacydn.exe tool enables you to change Exchange 2000 and 2003 organization names, change Exchange 2000 and 2003 administrative group names, change legacyExchangeDN values on critical system objects, and view legacyExchangeDN values.

Exchange 2003: Exchange Server Stress and Performance 2003
Simulate large numbers of client sessions by concurrently accessing one or more protocol servers using this highly scalable tool, Exchange Server Stress and Performance 2003.

Exchange 2003: Importer for Lotus cc:Mail Archives
Import cc:Mail archive files to folders in an Exchange 2003 mailbox store or to one or more personal folder (.pst) files.

Most of these tools are in the All-In-One Tools Download package.

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