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Obviously the Microsoft public newsgroups are a good source of asking/answering questions on Exchange. I thought it would be useful to detail some of the mailing lists that you can subscribe to if you wish to participate in further Exchange ramblings with some excellent technical people (including a large slice of Exchange MVPs, of course).

The Swynk Exchange List - if I remember correctly, this was the list that took over from Peter Bowyer's list that I first subscribed to around late 1996. Whatever happened to Peter?

Yahoo Exchange 2000 Mailing List - an excellent list run by Exchange MVP Martin Tuip.

Yahoo Exchange 2003 Mailing List - a lower noise list also run by Martin. He's a busy guy.

Sunbelt Software Exchange List - can be quite noisy but does contain some excellent technical members. Mailing List - slipped through my radar screen for a while, but I'm there occasionally these days.

Outlook Users Mailing List - I think it would have been unfair to not include an Outlook list. Try this one.

That should keep you busy for a while. And by the way - if you plan to subscribe to more than one of the above lists, then maybe limit posting your questions to no more than two lists. Some list members subscribe to more than one list, and reading the same posts again and again can be annoying! :-)

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Along with the Outlook-users group at Yahoo, there is a complimentary outlook-dev group as well.

Posted by: William Lefkovics at Feb 16, 2004 5:56:50 PM

The last traces I can find from Peter are from 2002.

Posted by: Martin Tuip at Feb 17, 2004 12:24:23 AM

I'm good at hiding my traces :-)

Posted by: Peter Bowyer at Apr 21, 2004 4:39:18 AM